Affordable Mesh WiFi: TP-Link Deco M4 (vs Google WiFi Speed Test)

what's up guys i'm Ben from authentech and today we're checking out an affordable whole home mesh Wi-Fi system now we all know mesh Wi-Fi is a great way for full home coverage it's easy to set up helps eliminate dead spots seamless roaming from room to room and often results in faster speeds and more reliable Wi-Fi overall while huge thanks to tp-link for sponsoring today's video I'm excited to show you guys their new deco M4 system price at just $179 for a three pack it's rated to cover up to 5500 square feet of home coverage also at the end I'll show you a speed test I ran versus the Google mesh Wi-Fi system which costs even more around 240 bucks the results were very interesting starting with a quick unboxing I received the 3 pack and each deco looks the same they look like little white pillars with a clean and modern design on the back of each node are two gigabit ethernet ports and power on the underside with nice cable routing besides the three power adapters for each node there's also one flat ribbon Ethernet cable included as well so all three nodes work together one connects directly to your modem and then the other two are spread throughout your home they can either wirelessly connect and communicate with each other or connect each node with an Ethernet line for faster speeds they call this Ethernet backhaul which frees up the wireless radios for client communication set up is a breeze and I always appreciate that download the tp-link dekho app and I'll guide you through it step-by-step your first and primary node plugs directly into the modem wait until it's flashing blue connect through the app set its location where you place the deco name your Wi-Fi network with a password and a few other options and that's basically it the other nodes are even faster to set up place them throughout your home plug them in and each deco via the app and they'll auto connect to the other nodes so here's the key features of the deco and for its dual band AC 1200 and my three pack covers up to 5500 square feet and keeps up to 100 of reliably connected the Wi-Fi features multi-user MIMO technology allowing the routers to communicate with multiple devices simultaneously the mesh roaming protocol it's using is pretty bleeding-edge 802 dot 11 kV and our support now I did a ton of read up on these three protocols and I don't want to bore you with all the nerdy and fun technical details but what it basically accomplishes is better and more advanced seamless roaming in short art smart devices are actually sort of dumb clients on the network they often don't know what's good for him like for example which mesh node to connect to but these new advancements and features the deco mesh Wi-Fi will help push your devices around selecting the best path of connectivity this means you connect your device to one single Wi-Fi name and the decos will take care of the rest actively working on the back end to give you seamless roaming band steering and more the m4s also have a feature called self-healing so if one deco no drops out the system will reconfigure automatically based on the other nodes with no network interruption so your users shouldn't even notice in the deco app there's a lot of features and insights to check out first we can see which devices are connected and to which node you can also give specific devices let's say your gaming PC or a console a higher priority which is helpful and sometimes needed you can also set a time duration as well the app also has some really sweet and powerful parental controls let's check it out alright so we're inside the app and here's my iPhone what's really sweet is let's say this is little Timmy's device well we can create a new profile here let's say this is my child's device we hit next and then we can set a filter level child preteen ages eight to twelve teen adult here's all these different categories that we can turn on or off tap the information to see what falls under each one of these categories we can tap websites and add things manually okay so let's go ahead and turn them all on just for fun then next we also can set time limits bed time turn these on or off certain days of the week certain times weekend's weekdays it's super in very nice ok let's turn all on and save alright we're saved now check this out it's super sweet going to Chrome let's try to go to Facebook just for fun don't have the app of course and look at not loading can't reach time's out so sweet okay well what about Instagram I have that app already downloaded alright let's try to go to a certain page and check that out won't load we go to search try to tap in anything nothing will load then it gets even better we can go back into the deco app go to parental controls here's the child we can play or pause and then go in and we can view more insights on it so what pages were they trying to access for how long durations there's history and insights filter levels we can add more devices all these parental controls and customization really nice feature to have baked right into the app there's device blacklist which allows you to block specified devices there's monthly reports showing you network details like total connected devices blocked content website activity security threats and more there's firmware updates that can wirelessly be pushed over the network to update all the decos connected there's the convenience of toggling on/off or scheduling the system LED on the notes it's an easy way to avoid bright lights at nighttime you can activate port forwarding as well as ap mode and a whole lot more under the settings you can add family or friends as managers to help admin your network speaking of friends you can one tap turn on or off a guest network with custom SSID and password the main network and guest network are separated by VLAN which is a huge benefit as well now on to the big speed test and comparisons versus the Google mesh Wi-Fi system I use fast comm which is powered by Netflix I'd say they have some pretty legit servers here and there I also find it more consistent readings over those guys often give me drastically varying results super fast super slow fast calm numbers are usually much tighter and range easier to gather an average so I have all three of my decos spread in a triangle throughout my home my office is here which is where my modem and Decco is located back in this corner I have my second node placed in the master bath and ran some speed tests from my new comfy borough sofa about 15 feet away the third node is on the other side of the house in the extra bedroom and my speed tests were across the hallway in the kids room about 25 feet away I tried to make sure all network settings were the exact same with very little network activity happening in the background I use my iPhone 10 essence is a common Wi-Fi device that also supports that roaming standard of K V and R which I also made sure to free roam from spot to spot allowing the mesh network to control the forced hopping now my speed test with fast calm and Cromwell it's far from a precise science experiment but interesting results nonetheless funny and intriguing the tests at my desk closest to the AP was pretty similar to the Google Wi-Fi but when I went out to the outer edges of the house both in the master and the kids room well the decos came out on top sometimes a close race but sometimes a fair bit faster especially with those downs for a simple little speed test I was really impressed with how these decos came out on top especially since they are more affordable in price also interesting before all this I was running a simple ubiquity unify AC long-range AP with segregated 2.4 and 5 gigahertz SSIDs there's some nice benefits that offers but when I did a speed test both here in the office and in the opposite corner of the house well the deco m4 just blew the speeds even on the 5 gigahertz band way out of the water I'm not sure exactly what's going on there but I like the results just a couple last features I appreciate the Deco m4 has both Alexa and if this then that support on the Alexa side it supports voice commands for example you can tell your Alexa to turn on or off the guest Network even turn on application priority mode like hey Alexa asked appealing to turn on gaming mode there's a lot more commands as well as for if to all the world of interconnectivity and smart home expands even more for just a couple of fun examples you can receive a notification whenever a cific device connects to your network good for maybe the kids or even better receive a warning when let's say a stranger an unknown device connects to your Wi-Fi there's other recipe options as well so that is the new deco M for mesh Wi-Fi system from tp-link the 3-pack is priced at just 179 Amazon Prime I'll give you all the links down below and huge thanks again to tp-link for sponsoring today's video and thank you guys for watching if you're new around here consider subscribing for more tech videos posted every single week and until next time let's live authentically .

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