Best Laptop Review - Dell XPS 13 - 13.3 UHD

Buying a new laptop is an important decision and one that deserves careful Consideration with so many products on the market what if we make the wrong choice? Well in this review we break down the top five best laptops on the market this year based on price versus performance and situations. They will be used in we'll be taking a look at products in every budget range So regardless of whether you've got a few bucks to spare and want the best value or are looking for the best of the best We'll have an option for you

Number one on our list is Dell XPS 13 93-60 our choice for the best laptop under $1000 Dell is an industry leader when it comes to producing laptops that are high quality, but also fairly reasonably priced there 13.3 inch XPS 13 93-60 belongs to a line of excellent laptops. So let's see what it has to offer First we should start by saying that this little laptop offers a wide range of customizable features however We're going to focus on the version that has 8 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of SSD memory in addition to that Ram memory The computer is also operating on an i5 7th gen intel core processor These kinds of specs will translate into a great processing power that will be noticeable by speedy performance if you're planning on using this laptop

Primarily as an entertainment device. You'll be able to enjoy a 1920 by 1080 resolution infinity-edge touch display What's more the touch display pairs very well with the pre-installed 64-bit windows 10 home operating system The laptop has a premium built aluminium body with Gorilla Glass on the touch displays So you won't need to worry about scratching the display in addition to the gray screen You'll also get a backlit low-profile sighs keyboard Usually when we see these types of features, we're fairly confident that the typing experience will be excellent The keyboard doesn't have a numeric pad Although that really shouldn't deter you if you like the other specs lastly The touchpad is responsive and has two seamless buttons at the bottom The device does have a wide screen HD webcam and dual array microphones Which should make video chatting easier as always there are several ports on both sides of the device including an AC power port a Thunderbolt 3 port one USB 3 port on both sides a headset jack an SD card reader and an Obol lock slot Despite the relatively small size of the laptop. It provides a great content watching experience

Thanks to a vibrant screen and quality speakers Better still the battery is extremely long lasting and may even run for up to 22 hours with the regular display Number 2 on our list is apple macbook air our choice for the best apple laptop Apple has built their reputation on the fact that their products are extremely dependable Let's find out why their MacBook Air line includes some of the most coveted devices on the market Well, like with the previous laptop, this one does come with some options However, we're going to be talking about the version of the MacBook Air that has a 5th gen i7 2.2 gigahertz processor Intel processors are currently on their eighth generation of products. However, a 5th gen processor is more than enough for this Apple laptop Furthermore the processor does have Intel's turbo boost feature which can boost the processing power up to 3.2 gigahertz In addition to the Intel processor, this MacBook Air also runs on an Intel HD 6000 graphics card this laptop runs on 8 gigabytes of RAM to ensure that there are no lags in its performance additionally the storage capacity of this device is 512 gigabytes which will give you plenty of space to download content for offline viewing the way this computer looks follows the uniform Apple design were also used to

The lines of the machine are cool and rounded and the same consistent design extends to their phones and accessories as well Like the previous laptop we've reviewed this one also has a third point three inch display and is just under three pounds however The display has a resolution of 1440 by 900 which is a bit more unusual than what we're used to Still it will provide a great content watching experience and if you need to make some video calls the 720p HD camera won't let you down as Expected the laptop has max MagSafe to power port on one side followed by a USB 3 port and a three-and-a-half millimeter headphone jack there's another USB 3 port on the right side of the laptop along with a Thunderbolt 2 port as well as an SDXC card slot just like the previous laptop This one also has a backlit keyboard and a fairly responsive multi-touch trackpad Users are especially impressed with this devices battery life The laptop can be on standby for about a month and can withstand about 12 hours of web browsing or content playback Did you know that every bit of information that goes through your internet service provider is tracked and logged so your data financial? Information internet browser history passwords and emails might be valuable to third parties hackers and even the government ever say something in an online chat one day and see an ad for it the next that's why well That's where Nord VPN comes in Nord VPN is a VPN service that encrypts your internet activity by masking your IP address

Quickly safely and easily ensuring you're protected at all times With superfast speeds and the ability to connect up to six devices on one account You can make sure your entire family and friends are surfing the internet worryfree Right now you can sign up risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee also for a limited time they are running a 75% off sale so you can be completely protected on all your devices for just $2.99 a month So if you want to take advantage of the deal and start to protect your data today, check out the link in the description Number three on our list is Acer Aspire a 15-hour choice for the best laptop under $500 Despite being the manufacturer of some of the most affordable products on the market Acer doesn't really get the recognition They deserve the Acer Aspire Uihlein is full of premium quality laptops So, let's see what kind of features you can get from the e 15 laptop Firstly we should note that this device runs on an eighth.

Gen Intel Core i3 3.4 gigahertz processor it also uses an Intel graphics card and has a 15.6 inch 1920 by 1080 resolution Display which offers a great viewing experience What's more the speaker system is also set up to the task of providing a great movie watching experience Because it's almost an inch thick and weighs in at over 5 pounds. It has been criticized as being bulky Still we're inclined to forgive a sir for the bulky build on the account of the laptop stellar overall performance in fact One of the reasons why it's so thick in the first place is because it provides something not many devices do nowadays a built-in cd/dvd drive Also because of the extra space the manufacturer was able to include a numeric pad as well It also has an intuitive touchpad which ignores unintentional motions

The computer comes with a six gigabyte dual channel memory as well as a one terabyte HDD Even better both the hard drive and the memory are upgradable through the easy access door on the device The laptop has a 2800 mAh lithium ion battery which can run for up to 13 and a half hours Now what kind of connectivity can you expect from this laptop? Well, it actually has more ports than some other devices aside from the DVD drive on the right-hand side of the device You'll also get a headphone jack and a power connector as well as a single USB 2 port on the left You've got a single USB 3.1 port two USB 3.0 ports Ethernet and HDMI ports a VGA input and even a Kensington lock and as if that wasn't enough There's also an SD card reader at the front of the laptop to the left We'd say all of these ports more than make up for the bulkier build, don't you? Number four on our list is Microsoft Surface pro our choice for the best two-in-one laptop Microsoft Surface pro convertible tablet laptops have been causing a stir in the tech industry ever since they were Announced the twelve point three inch device may be smaller than the others we've seen But it certainly doesn't lag behind the competition in terms of its features.

In fact with the seventh Gen Intel Core i7 processor and 16 gigabytes of RAM We'd be surprised if this 2 + 1 laptop showed any lag at all on top of that RAM You'll also have 512 gigabytes of internal storage for your favorite shows but there are plenty of benefits of owning a surface pro not the least of which is the fast Processing for one it can stream up to 13 and a half hours of online content without losing charge. The device also has a sophisticated touchscreen with a 10-point multi-touch feature also The back of the laptop has a convenient Removable and foldable kickstand to prop it up whether it's in tablet or laptop mode if you plan on using this device for video chatting Among other things you'll be glad to have a dual microphone setup as well in addition

There are also two cameras on the tablet a five megapixel one in the front and an eight megapixel one in the back both of which can shoot 1080p video also at the front facing camera has facial recognition software you could use to secure your surface pro and If you love a well-designed gadget, we're sure you'll be happy with this laptop The streamlined design of the device itself is matched with an assortment of accessories Microsoft makes for this tablet. However Keyboards pens mice and other accessories aren't included in the package So if you want to make this two-in-one into a laptop You'll need to purchase a keyboard as well when it comes to the connection ports the surface pro 5 has everything you need it to have there's a full-size USB 3 port a Micro SDXC card reader and a three-and-a-half millimeter headphone jack it also has a surface Kinect and a mini DisplayPort Which are both ways for the tablet to connect to various accessories So you see for a device that weighs under two pounds the surface pro is quite comfortable among some of the other big names we've mentioned Number five on our list is msi Gs70 mning laptop if Msi was aiming to please the gaming community with their GS series It appears that they've succeeded The GS 65 stealth model is especially impressive due to its sturdy build and an eighth gen intel i7 processor what's more the sixteen gigabytes of RAM will definitely help you smoothly experience every moment of gameplay in Addition to the RAM space any gamer is sure to enjoy this laptops 15.6 inch 1920 by 1080 resolution display according to the manufacturer this display is the world's first thin bezel gaming laptop with a 144 Hertz refresh rate the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card The laptop uses is also an excellent choice for gamers better yet The laptop also has an enhanced audio System to help you bring the game to life If you like to play most of your games on a Windows operating system, you're in luck this computer comes with Windows 10 pre-installed It also has 256 gigabytes of internal storage, which is plenty of space for storing your favorite games Since the GS 65 stealth laptop only weighs in at about 4 pounds and is about 0.7 inches thick You'll be able to carry it everywhere with you despite.

The thin sides though. The laptop has plenty of ports there's a USB 3.1 type-a port a Thunderbolt 3 port a mini DisplayPort and an HDMI and even a power jack on one side and there are two more USB 3.1 type-a ports on the other side as well as a Gigabit Ethernet a headphone jack a secure lock slot and an s/pdif audio output as well You'll also be playing in style aside from having an attractive exterior The laptop also has a great-looking keyboard unlike the backlighting on the first two laptops We've reviewed today the backlighting on this one is adjustable You'll be able to individually set the RGB lights under each key you'd think that all of these features would be pretty battery draining however, this laptop can withstand over 8 hours of gameplay without shutting down which is truly impressive and You're enjoying your own virtual world.

You can rely on the powerful cooling fans to keep the computer running smoothly Alright guys, that is all for this video.

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